Listed below are details of the PowerPoint presentations which are available for Physics.


Every presentation includes a full site licence.


Senior Cycle Physics - these presentations cover the entire theory content of the  programme for Senior Cycle Physics at both the Ordinary and the Higher Level. Buy the presentations individually or buy all the presentations on two CD-ROMs for €80.


Mechanics For The Senior Cycle

Linear motion – mass, length, time, displacement, velocity, acceleration and graphs. Equations of motion and derivation. Measurement of g. Vectors and scalars – distinction, composition of perpendicular vectors and resolution of vectors. Over 80 slides. €20

Forces  For The Senior Cycle

Newton’s laws of motion – statement of three laws, force, momentum, F=ma and friction. Conservation of momentum – demonstration and calculation. Circular motion – centripetal force, ω, v=ωr, a=rω2, F=mrω2. Gravity – Newton’s law, W=mg, variation of g, satellite orbits. Density and pressure – definitions, units, pressure in liquids and gases, Boyle’s law and Archimedes’ principle. Moments – definition, levers and couple. Conditions for equilibrium – vector sum equals zero and moments sum equals zero. Static and dynamic equilibrium. SHM and Hooke’s law – F=-ks, ma=-ks, a=- ω2r, simple pendulum and T=2π/ω. Over 220 slides. €60

Energy  For The Senior Cycle

Work – definition, unit and examples. Energy – Ep, Ek, E=mc2, conversions and conservation of energy. Power – definition and units, percentage efficiency, person running upstairs, person lifting weights. Over 190 slides. €50

Temperature  For The Senior Cycle

Concept of temperature – hotness and coldness, Kelvin and Celsius scales. Thermometric properties – length of mercury and alcohol, emf, pressure and volume, resistance and colour. Thermometers – difference in thermometers, standard thermometers, fixed points and graphs. Over 30 slides. €10

Heat  For The Senior Cycle

Quantity of heat – heat capacity, specific heat capacity, latent heat and specific latent heat. Heat transfer – conduction (including U-values), convection (including hot water system), radiation (from Sun and solar constant). Over 150 slides. €40

Waves  For The Senior Cycle

Properties of waves – longitudinal, transverse, frequency, amplitude, wavelength, velocity and c=λf. Wave phenomena – reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, polarisation, stationary waves and diffraction effects. Doppler effect – quantitative treatment for moving source and stationary observer. Over 80 slides. €20

Vibrations and Sound  For The Senior Cycle

Wave nature of sound – reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference. Characteristics of notes – amplitude, loudness, frequency, pitch, quality, overtones and limits of audibility. Resonance – natural frequency, fundamental frequency. Vibrations in strings and pipes – stationary waves and harmonics. Sound intensity level – definition, threshold of hearing. Over 140 slides. €40

Light  For The Senior Cycle

Reflection – laws of reflection and mirrors (plane and curved). Refraction – laws of refraction, total internal reflection and lenses. Wave nature of light – diffraction, interference, light as a transverse wave motion, dispersion, colours, electromagnetic spectrum and the spectrometer. Over 220 slides. €60

Electricity  For The Senior Cycle

Charges – electrification by contact and induction, distribution of charge, and the electroscope. Electric field – force between charges, electric fields, potential difference. Capacitance – capacitors and capacitance (parallel plate and W=1/2 CV2). Electric current – flow of charge, sources of emf and current, conduction in materials, resistance, potential, effects of electric current and domestic circuits. Electromagnetism – magnetism, magnetic fields, current in a magnetic field, electromagnetic induction, alternating current, mutual inductance and self-inductance. Over 300 slides. €80

Modern Physics  For The Senior Cycle

The electron – definition and units, thermionic emission, photoelectric emission and X-rays. The nucleus – structure of the atom, radioactivity, nuclear energy, ionising radiation and health hazards. Over 100 slides. €25


Spreadsheets for Physics Teachers


·       Using charts to draw diagrams

·       Using spin buttons to change numbers

·       Using drop-down menus

·       Using spin buttons to create moving diagrams

·       Creating multiple choice questions and answers using drop-down menus

·       Making moving analogue meters to illustrate measurements such as current

·       Including pictures and animations in spreadsheets

·       Drawing objects, using PowerPoint, to enhance visual impact

We also include a FREE basic trainer for anyone who is not familiar with using a spreadsheet.

Do you know how to make lines move on a spreadsheet? Our software will show you how. This will enable you to make your own dynamic diagrams.

Do you know how to make objects in spreadsheets change colour at the click of a button? We can show you how.

Our CD-ROM "Spreadsheets for Physics Teachers" will show you how to do all these things and more. €40



Junior Cycle Physics CD 1


Junior Cycle Physics CD 1 includes how heat is transferred, the uses and dangers of radiation, efficient use of energy, how to generate electricity, waves and the electromagnetic spectrum and why are electrical devices so useful? The presentations contain over 821 slides. €199


Junior Cycle Physics CD 2


Junior Cycle Physics CD 2 includes topics covering the cost of electricity, the structure of the Earth, electricity, moments, momentum, radioactivity, refraction, star formation, velocity & acceleration, along with velocity & acceleration treated graphically. The presentations contain over 596 slides. €199


Maths for Physics


Maths for Physics covers the topics of logarithms and powers, ratios and proportions, rearranging equations, significant figures, standard form, using a calculator, vectors, sines, cosines and tangents, Pythagoras’s theorem, the sine rule, and the cosine rule. The CD also includes 26 worksheets in Word format with full solutions. The presentations contain over 280 slides. €60


Tables, Charts and Graphs


Tables, Charts and Graphs covers the topics of types of data, tabulating results, labels and units, bar charts, fitting the chart onto the paper, scatter graphs, plotting points, trend lines, independent variables, straight line graphs, qualitative & quantitative, nominal, ordinal, ratio and interval data, fractions, accuracy, histograms and pie charts, straight lines and curves, gradient and intercepts, using y = mx + c, digital and analogue data sources, bin sizes, large and small numbers, percentage uncertainty, absolute uncertainty, combining uncertainties, linear regression / lines of best fit, log graphs and obtaining straight lines from nonlinear equations. The presentations contain over 320 slides. €80